Varela to participate in Luminaria SA with Common Currents Tricentennial Installation

Laura Varela will be part of Luminaria SA 2018 with her multimedia installation originally created for Common Currents 300 years, 300 Artists: Yanaguana: Amor y Resistencia

The installation by filmmaker and artist Laura Varela: Yanaguana: Amor y Resistencia, origninally part of the Common Currents / 300 years, 300 artists exhibition, will be part of Luminaria 2018.  Varela was assigned the year 1756 and was part of the exhibition at ArtPace in San Antonio, TX, one of four venues,  which opened in January 2018.

This piece takes us on a visual and audio phonic journey through the water ways of Yanaguana, “the place of clear waters,” now known as San Antonio. It explores symbolism in nature that ties Varela’s relationship with her personal bloodline as Xicana. In 1756 the indigenous populations began their decline in the area; however, many will tell you that we are still here. Water, spiderwebs, the crane, and the cardinal are all symbols for those who are reconnecting to their ancestral ways, recognizing indigenous bloodlines, and being part of the movement in our communities for social justice. This work is not only a visual exploration but also a meditation on these symbols and our connection to nature. This piece is dedicated to the all indigenous people who walked this land and still walk this land today.

Special Thanks to Christa Mancias and Juan mancias from the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas and Andrew Gonzales, Cinematographer.

This exhibition will be on display in ART//craft, a traveling gallery and cultural space that delivers arts and culture to San Antonio communities. Public Art San Antonio with ART//Craft made its debut at Luminaria 2017 and this year will host the selection from Common Currents.

Luminaria 2018 will take place at Hemisfair on Saturday, November 10, from 7 PM to Midnight.

Still from Yanaguana: Amor y Resistencia


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