Segundo de Febrero (documentary short) On-line Premiere

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Segundo de Febrero (documentary short 11 min) by Producer/Director Laura Varela

February 2nd is a unique Mexican American celebration commemorating the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which ended the U.S. Mexican War. The date is also considered to be the ‘birth’ of the Mexican American. It merges the commemoration of the Treaty of Guadalupe with el Día de la Candelaria and with the day indigenous communities celebrate the Blessing of the Seeds. Día de la Candelaria, a holiday celebrated annually on February second, is also known as the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, which marks forty days after Jesus Christ was born, and the supposed day when Mary and Joseph presented Baby Jesus to the Temple.

The project captures the complexity and beauty of Chicano spirituality. Grupo Xinachtli represented a return to our indigenous identity and millennial traditions of conocimiento. They perform particular traditions from central Mexico. The group calls themselves a Grupo de Danza Mexica Azteca Xinachtli, and their ceremonies and traditions use the Concha, the armadillo shell guitar like instrument drums, rattles and singing along with dance. They are a purely ceremonial group; they also known as Concheros. The 2017 mass was a commemoration of the first celebrations at the church 35 years ago and brought Grupo Xinachtli back to Christ the King.

February 2017 was also a time of awakening in the Mexican American community; many were reconnecting with their indigenous blood and supporting the movement in Standing Rock. Many different indigenous groups and Xicanx communities where sending resources and people; supporting the information campaign and boycotting companies like Wells Fargo that supported the Dakota Access Pipeline and its parent company Energy Transfer Partners.

Producer/Director/Editor Laura Varela

Producer/Coordinator Carlos A. González

Director of Photography Duane Humeyestewa

Additional Camera: Andrew Gonzales Sandra Jean Torres Sound Gene Humeyestewa Production Assistant Sandra Jean Torres Additional Editing Andrew Gonzales

Interviewees: Jose Peregrino Flores, Capitan Diana Abrego Joleen Garcia Sylvia Garza Rogelio Smiley Rojas

Special Thanks Father Mike Horan Christ the King Church, Grupo Xinatchli, Pablo Escamilla, Amistades Incorporated, David Sandoval, Academia America, Laura Gonzalez, Our Lady of the Lake University Segundo de Febrero Archival Collection

SDF Planning Committee: Dr. Alma Perez, Dr. Ezequiel Pena, Carlos Gonzalez, Martha Tijerina, Rogelio Smiley Rojas, Eduardo C. Garza @2018