Interview with Laura Varela by Sampsonia Way

Laura Varela didn’t always want to be a filmmaker, but after she left a painful youth in El Paso for classes in feminism and Chicano history at the University of Texas Austin, her world-view was radically altered. For one thing, at UT Austin she says she discovered Chicano film and “the power it had to raise a collective consciousness.” To that end, Varela’s first film, which profiled Herminia Tecíhtzin Enriquez, one of the founders of San Diego’s Chicano Park and premiered at Guadalupe Cultural Arts’ CineFestival 20 years ago, started a long line of historically- and socially-conscious work that includes the documentary As Long as I Remember: American Veteranos, and “Enlight-Tents”, with German artist Vaago Weiland, a site-specific public art installation at the Alamo.

Austin, Texas is also where Varela met the subject of her current film-in-progress,raúlrsalinas and the Poetry of Liberation…….    Read the full  article on Laura Varela and the documentary in progress raul salinas and the Poetry of Liberation.