Immersive Educational Pages for Documentary Shorts on Texas Labor History Go Live

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Since merging with Xica Media I have been exploring a new medium: Website development. This merging of my film work with the digitial world has been quite enjoyable because it allows us to converge a wealth of knowledge on the subject at hand in a way that is fun and asks students and the public to interact with the pages. This allows us to grow community and create these living documents. Along with Director, Anne Lewis, my Xica Media colleague Iris Rodriguez, we are excited to share the page for two documentary shorts. I also produced the Emma Tenayuca documentary short. Read about them below:

 Emma Tenayuca and the 1938 San Antonio Pecan Shellers Strike. The documentary short is based on the feature documentary A Strike and an Uprising (in Texas!).

The site is a living document created for school children ages 8 and above and educators alike. The film explores a victorious strike of 10,000 pecan shellers and the life of strike leader, Emma Tenayuca, through a contemporary lens. Performer Keli Rosa Cabunoc and her young friends Ana Luisa, Frida, and Annabelle take us on an adventure as they visit sites in San Antonio connected to Emma and the strikers. This site, created by Xica Media, is a way to view the film and related media, connect with educational resources, and become a part of living history. We invite you take a look.

 Annie Mae Carpenter and the Uprising in Nacogdoches. The documentary short is based on the feature documentary A Strike and an Uprising (in Texas!).

Created for young people ages 12-18 and educators alike. The film features 3 high school students and an educator discussing African American Labor History. They engage in a discovery of an unknown labor uprising in Nacogdoches, Texas based on the firing of Annie Mae Carpenter for refusing to clean the men’s dormitory restrooms at Stephen F. Austin State University. Annie Mae Carpenter was secretary of the Nacogdoches NAACP. The resulting race and gender class action suite dragged through the Texas courts for more than ten years. Black women led a union organizing drive that culminated in a Jobs with Justice march of 3,000 in Nacogdoches and led towards victory. The short emphasizes the power of collective action for racial, class, and gender justice. Based on oral histories from the feature documentary “A Strike and an Uprising (in Texas).”